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NBA 2K17 Tips: How To SHOOT & Make EVERY SHOT on PATCH 12! How To Get Green A+ Releases EVERY TIME!

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In this video, you will learn how to shoot and get more perfect green releases after patch 12! The new shooting tweak by 2K definitely makes shooting a bit more challenging, so here’s how to make most of your shots fall in 2K17!
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Full 3D Cyber Face creation / editing tutorial – NBA 2K17 PC

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Full  3D Cyber Face creation / editing tutorial - NBA 2K17 PC

I really hope this helps. 50+ minutes of details regarding creation of cyber faces for the PC version of NBA 2K.

@01:36 NBA 2k17 explorer
@05:45 7-Zip
@06:06 (Important!!!) hihead.SCNE and .model info
@8:59 Blender
@10:08 importing the 3d file into blender
@10:51 how to rotate model with the numpad
@11:38 Sculpt mode
@13:24 Focusing on the face
@13:30 WTH did I just say LMAO!
@14:13 Vertex Groups
@16:01 select/ edit Hair and headbands
@17:27 illuminati confirmed? NAH
@21:17 using more sculpt tools
@21:45 add weight to the face using sculpt – brush tool
@22:18 Sculpt – smooth tool (and warnings for using smooth)
@23:20 tips to make players look younger / Make player look more mature
@24:23 Sculpt – Grab tool tips
@27:00 Make players look ripped / muscular with Sculpt – Crease tool
@30:56 putting the hair back
@31:13 Exporting the 3D model file
@34:09 moving your png.iff file to your modded file
@36:22 Assign cyber face with limnono trainer
@37:58 I need to correct my error
@40:13 2nd time correcting my error
@41:38 Success
@43:26 Just talking…. BUT DON’T leave more info
@44:10 How to apply textures in blender
@46:40 Create a texture in blender
@47:30 Tip for getting quicker results when using texture paint
@50:10 This is for the community
@50:25 Modding is moving to the consoles

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NBA 2k17 Online Generator HERE

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